Job Offers & Negotiation Mastery

Hosted by Arlena Jackson, Award-winning Career Coach

Discover Real World Job Offer & Negotiation Secrets  Your College Professors or Career Services Centers Are Not Telling YOU…

...And How You Can Instantly Use This Information To Get A Top Paying Internship or Job!

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In this free career coaching workshop for aspiring, ambitious college women, get ready to discover all the important information YOU CAN’T find on Google or YouTube :

  • The Ultimate Negotiation Blueprint To Getting the Top Job Offer or Internship Without Having to Give Up What You Desire and Deserve
  • Why The Idea Of 'Negotiating For Yourself Is NOT Bad’ And What You Can Instantly Do to Get The Money You Want
  • The Vital “Negotiation Ninja” Steps You Can Take To Bulletproof Your Negotiations Conversations And Increase Your Job Offer By 10K 
  • Why Your Dream Post-Graduate Job Isn’t As Unobtainable As You May Think
  • & MORE!
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** Hurry - College Women From All Over The World Are Looking For Job Offer Negotiations Recommendations & There Are Limited Spaces Available!**

When You Attend… I Am Also Going To Gift You With Top Secrets To Turn Your Resume From Boring to Remarkable…

Ever thought….‘I’ve nailed it this time’ - only to be disappointed when you receive that all-too-familiar email:

‘Thank you for your time in submitting an application for this position. Unfortunately you have not been selected…’

There are plenty of college women who also have never felt the confidence that their resume is “good enough”.

This lack of confidence…

This fear…

This anxiety that plagues your thoughts about the future...?

That’s what’s known as Impostor Syndrome.  And it’s a very real problem.

It seems no matter how long you scroll through Glassdoor, or how many videos you watch on Youtube…

You can’t find the resources you need to create a remarkable resume or negotiations responses.

You just can’t seem to find that magic sparkle that makes you stand out from the crowd. 

If this sounds like you, then I’d love to spend some time with you. 

I’m looking for aspiring college women - whether you’re freshmen, sophomores, juniors, or seniors…

It’s time for the Career Coaching Workshop that your college professors never gave you!

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About Your Host

Hey Action Taker! I’m Arlena Jackson.

Before becoming the #1 Career Coach to College Women, I served as an award-winning Director of Global Communications. 

Over the years I’ve managed high-performing teams for world-renowned brands like IBM, Salesforce, and NASA.

But that’s not what enables me to help you.

Because before all that...

I was a college woman with the same fears and anxieties you’re experiencing right now.

I battled Impostor Syndrome and was limited by my lack of self-belief. 

How do I know exactly what you’re going through?

Because I also spent 8 years as a House Director - A House Mom, serving and living with college women 24/7. 

In other words?

From dawn till dusk, I was advising thousands of college women who didn’t have the support they needed from their college professors or career services centers.

How many career advisors can say they’ve done that?

Now I’m passing on everything I’ve learned to college women all over the world.

I know exactly how much it means for you to make that transition between college and the working world. 

And a successful resume coupled with a negotiation strategy that gets you paid top dollar is the key!

So if you’re ready to throw everything you think you know about getting a top paying internship or job to the wind?

I’m ready to help you turn your career uncertainty into career confidence so you can secure your top paying job offer and live your wildest dreams! 

We’re in this together!

See you soon...


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